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Prinz Texas Black Stock Sheet (Double Sided-5pc/pack)

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Product information “Texas stocksheet black, double sided, page size 267x295mm”

Texas stock sheets are slightly larger than Prinz-System sheets (format: 267 x 295 mm) and thus offer a little more space for your collection. They are the result of long and intensive development work. Texas stock sheets are made from pH-neutral card and covered with plasticiser-free and acid-free polyester strips (100 μm). These do not contain any harmful chemicals. The extra-strong clamping force of the polyester strips ensures that stamps or other documents do not slip. In addition, the stamps are completely covered by the foil, so that a cover for further protection is not necessary. Storage for decades has been proven to be safe. The 8 versions offered are available with both black and white card.

Suitable ring binders:Texas

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Dimensions 267 × 295 mm


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