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Ramayana – A Saga of Shri Ram (A journey through postal stamps)

About the Book

Ramayana is intricately woven into the fabric of the Indian culture and civilization. It has evolved into a tapestry Of narratives, With numerous versions, retellings, and folklores. This ancient epic has transcended time, finding captivating expressions through myriad art forms such as music, poetry, drama, puppetry, paintings, sculpture, weavings and other forms of artistic crafts, in embracing these art forms.

One such world that narrates and vividly depicts the essence of Ram and Ramayana is the world of postage stamps. Postage stamps serve as tiny windows to the world, offering glimpses into diverse cultures, histories, and stories of the society. They are rightlycalled as Paper Ambassadors, which within their limited dimensions, encapsulate the cultural mosaic of diverse communities, capture the collective imagination, preserve the heritage of an entire region and foster global connection.

The story of Lord Ram, Mata Sita, brother Laxman and their brave companion Hanuman has found resonance in different parts of the world. Cultural traditions in South East Asia bear a clear imprint of this resonance. It is not surprising therefore that postage stamps from many parts of the world showcase Ramayana in their own ways.

Inner and Outer Cover of the Book

This book is an attempt to showcase the international appeal of Shri Ram and his life on various societies. Shri Ram’s life gives a strong message about the victory of good over bad and to maintain mental and emotional equanimity in challenging times. Despite all hardships in life, Shri Ram always walked the path of Maryada. Hence, he is called Maryadapurshottam. Shri Ram has an influence much beyond our borders, and among its far-reaching influence across the world can also be seen in the field of philately.

The Ramayana is deeply rooted in our culture and is something we revere. It is natural for us to have a special bond with Ramayana. This book is an humble attempt by the Philately Division of Department of Posts, India to take the readers on a beautiful journey where the stamps are the story tellers. The story of Shri Ram has enchanted, engaged and enthralled millions of people through the ages.

This collection is not merely a visual feast for philatelists; it is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and its ability to transcend geographic boundaries. Through the lens of postage stamps, we embark on a journey that celebrates the convergence of art, culture, and history—a journey that unfolds the pages of Ram and Ramayana on a canvas as unique as the stories themselves.

The fact that the book is planned when the entire world is waiting with excitement for the Pran Pratistha of our beloved Maryadapurshotam at Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Temple, Ayodhya, on 22nd January 2024, makes it more special. This book is a tribute to global communities, who continues to revere Shri Ram for guidance and blessings in the modern age and seeks inspiration from his life.

The book ‘Ramayana’, pays tribute to Lord Ram through stamps from all over the world, is an attempt to showcase the global appeal of the diety. This 48-page book covers stamps issued by more than of 20 countries, including the US, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Cambodia, and organisations like the UN.

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Courtesy: India Post